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9 key ways to retain high performing sales staff


It’s a question most sales managers face at one time or another – how do I stop that revolving door of sales staff turnover?

It’s a tricky question to answer and while a small amount of turnover in your sales team is inevitable (and healthy!), it’s in your best interest to retain great sales staff rather than constantly recruit new ones. Think about the impact staff leaving has on your work culture, in productivity losses, and in time and money costs (hiring, onboarding, training etc.)!

In an attempt to help answer this question, we surveyed some of Australia’s best salespeople about what’s important to them in a sales job, and what makes them stay.

Here’s what they had to say…

Note: this is a small snapshot of some great Australian salespeople. It’s good to keep in mind everyone is unique so may have different reasons for staying or leaving.

1. You need great managers

2. Have realistic expectations

3. Provide growth and training opportunities

4. Pay fair, pay well

5. Reward staff with perks and benefits

6. Realise that teammates matter

7. Offer a good work-life balance

8. Give staff a sense of purpose

9. Ensure that it’s a match between your salespeople and your company values and mission

Want to know how you can achieve these this in your sales organisation?

Download the free retention guide here.