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We asked our clients what the worst thing about hiring salespeople is…

And what we heard over and over again was…

“It’s hard”

“It takes too much time”

 “I hate sifting through the resumes and finding no one”

“It’s never-ending”

When you consider that SEEK reported an 8.6% increase in jobs posted over the last 12 months, hiring within Australian businesses isn’t set to slow down any time soon.



Stephen Hughes is the State Manager at AFEX in Victoria. Stephen has 7 Business Development Managers and Relationship Managers currently reporting to him across Melbourne and Brisbane, who were placed by bta Sales.

We sat down with Stephen to chat about why he chooses to work with bta Sales for his recruitment needs. Here’s what he had to say…


It saves me so much time

Not only do bta Sales save me time sifting through resumes and LinkedIn to find great people, it also saves me dealing with bad hires. I don’t have to worry about spending time and money onboarding a new sales team member, only to realise they’re not what I was looking for. Bad hires like this just haven’t happened with bta Sales.

The team at bta Sales now know what I’m looking for and can match candidates accurately to me without wasting time. I generally don’t have to look at CVs of unsuitable candidates – they only send over people I’d be interested in meeting for interviews.


They’ve broadened my talent pool

The team at bta Sales have helped me broaden what a “successful applicant” looks like.

I now look for a wider range of skills and different industry backgrounds in my new hires, that I didn’t seek before. It took a huge amount of trust for me to consider this broader range and it couldn’t be working out better. As a result, my team now have a vast and complementary set of skills and experiences that help us succeed in our sales and business goals.


High-calibre sales candidates

All of the candidates that bta Sales send me are of a consistently high level. I’ve only had one experience where the offer went out and they ended up taking a different job. As an employer I need that consistency – I don’t want 3 duds and 3 gems, I’m looking for at least a 9/10 hit rate!

I’m so happy with the quality of the candidates and how well presented they are when they come to interview. They aren’t over prepared and don’t come in scripted BUT they do come in knowing what they need to about the role. No surprises.


They have big networks and strong relationships

My Account Manager at bta Sales is amazing. From a candidate attraction perspective, I don’t have to wait long for him to come to us with CVs of candidates that are great for the role.

I would definitely recommend bta Sales to other organisations, in fact, I already have!

Here’s what a few of our other clients had to say about working with bta Sales for their sales talent needs:

If you’re currently hiring and would like to chat to someone about finding the right salespeople for your team, please get in touch here.