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Is now a good time to find a new sales role?

Since the beginning of 2020, the only certainty has been uncertainty. While the pandemic hasn’t been as dire in Australia as it has elsewhere, those with jobs have nonetheless felt lucky to have them. It’s a situation that might make the following question seem strange:

Is now a good time to look for a new sales position?

With ‘COVID-normal’ not expected to be reached until 2022, switching sales roles might feel a little risky and counterintuitive at the moment. But the truth is that the demand for salespeople is higher now than it has been for a long time, and those who are willing to brave the unknown and begin their job search are reaping serious benefits.

As 69% of companies report talent shortages and difficulty hiring, and as the unemployment rate has fallen by over a third since late-2020, businesses are desperate for talented help. No professional makes a more tangible contribution to the bottom line as a salesperson, so sales hiring demand has skyrocketed.

And this is good news for anyone with a knack for selling.

High demand = more opportunity

With more jobs on offer and fewer salespeople to fill them, any worker willing to throw their hat in the ring will be met with endless opportunity. It’s very different to the employer-driven landscape seen in recent years, where you might’ve applied for dozens of roles but heard back from a couple.

The market is now firmly candidate-driven, which means the most talented salespeople are enjoying a selection of offers, each trying to outdo the last. You can then choose whichever suits – the one with the biggest pay packet, the greatest flexibility, the most excitement and fun, or the deepest meaning and purpose.

Earn more than ever before

The job market – like any market – is shaped by the twin forces of supply and demand. If demand is high and supply is low, people will always be willing to pay more to secure what they need. And so it is with salespeople in 2021.

A talented salesperson can expect to be paid more in 2021 than they’ve ever been paid before. This means that even where a new job represents more of a horizontal career move than a vertical one, you should get more money on your next job than you did on your last. In a way it’s like treating your skills as shares in the stock market – you should be capitalising while their value is high.

Enjoy a wider range of work benefits

As they fight with their competitors to win the services of available talent, an employer will do all that they can to attract you. And that isn’t limited to the size of your salary and bonuses, as many businesses find creative ways to set themselves apart.

Perhaps you’ll be offered more than the standard four weeks of holidays. Maybe you’ll enjoy a stake in the company via an employee share scheme. You could be tempted by extended parental leave, a free gym membership, greater autonomy, or an in-office bar. The type of employee package that might’ve been limited to Silicon Valley a decade ago is becoming increasingly common in this competitive market, which is great news for any salesperson looking for their next opportunity.

Work remotely and flexibly

According to the ABS, over half of Australia expects their ability to work from home to either stay the same or increase post-COVID. While many employers were initially hesitant about remote work, seeing it more as a necessary evil than a long-term solution, more and more are recognising that it’s what the modern worker wants. What’s more, these workers know that an employer can do it, so there are no excuses not to.

Some employers are taking things a step further, offering their salespeople true work flexibility. Working to the clock often doesn’t make a huge amount of sense for salespeople, as they’re in a profession that puts value in results, rather than the hours spent chasing them. Many employers now understand that fact, and have started to allow their salespeople to not only work where they want, but when they want. The focus switches to productivity, and as long as targets are hit, when and where the work gets done is sort of irrelevant. As a result, many salespeople are enjoying a healthier work/life balance than ever before.

Is now a good time to find a new sales role? There’s arguably never been a better time. More opportunity, more pay, more benefits and more flexibility are on offer for any talented salesperson open to something new.

If that’s you, our expert team at bta Sales is ready to help you find it. Get in touch today.