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The tables have turned. In the past, businesses had the upper hand when it came to hiring. Salespeople were handed to them on a silver platter, and they could pick and choose which ones they wanted. This isn’t the case anymore. With a substantial decline in the number of applicants and a significant rise in the number of sales jobs available, companies have to work hard to attract and entice.

You have to be the salesperson now, and your primary role is to sell the position you need to be filled to potential applicants. With so many employment options up for grabs out there, why would the best salespeople choose you? They are evaluating you – your business, your product, you as a leader, and they are assessing their opportunities for success within your organization. You are under more scrutiny than ever before, and because of this, you need to be prepared.

The interview process

Even before the interview begins, you need to make sure that you have a clear outline of what the position is all about and exactly what qualifications you are looking for to fill it. Ensure that the company’s values are clearly defined and outline the role and expectations that you will require from your new hire. Full disclosure is essential here. For an applicant to be willing to take the job and make the switch during these uncertain economic times, they must feel confident that they are the right match for the position and think that your company is a perfect fit.


The right compensation package is extremely important. With so many jobs available and not enough experienced salespeople to fill them, the primary factor in their decision-making process will come down to money for many applicants. With the economic fluctuations that we have seen over the past year, dealing with the fallout from COVID-19, many salespeople are looking for compensation, bonuses, and benefits that will make them feel safe and secure in an otherwise unsettled time.

What do you have to offer?

What makes your company different from the hundreds of others out there, all looking to hire the best salesperson? Now is the time to shine. Potential applicants want to know what sets you apart from your competition and need to see what you can offer them that others can’t. They will need to feel confident that your company’s values, sales model, marketing plan, and sales support mesh well with their principles and preferences. They will also want to see a certain level of autonomy and growth that comes with the job. Be sure to outline all of this in the job posting and during the application process.

Remember, you are the salesperson now, and if you are looking to create the very best sales team possible, it is up to you to sell your company. Gone are the days where there was a line-up of applicants knocking on your door seeking employment. Now it’s up to you to scout out the prime candidates and put some work into marketing yourself.