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What is sales compensation?

It’s the driving force that motivates salespeople towards their targets and company goals.

In other words, money drives actions and actions achieve results.

There are a lot of additional factors such as culture, training, managerial support, your product/service, and more – but compensation is proven to be a primary driver for salespeople.

A well-designed sales compensation package will lead to a high performing salesperson, sales team, and company.

Given the impact of sales compensation on success, companies face many challenges when designing it. From determining which compensation structure to choose, identifying and aligning compensation with business objectives, and ensuring the chosen structure is fair, clearly communicated and accurately paid to employees.

How do you motivate your sales team with strategic performance compensation and drive them to performance success?

Download our free bta Sales guide to designing sales compensation for performance and find out:

  • How to design compensation that stops your top performers leaving
  • Which compensation structure you should use to motivate your team and drive results
  • The compensation tools that can dramatically accelerate your sales performance
  • How to fail proof communicating your compensation strategy and get your team on board and on track for success