Why work at bta Sales?


For the last 25+ years, bta Sales has been one of Australia's most significant, specialist recruitment companies, focusing on the sales function. We have managed to become the major player in the market, amassing a large portfolio of Australia's leading employers, and aim to keep it that way. Working at bta Sales means that you get the best of the best in terms of career development, career progression and amazing earning opportunity.

Our Culture

Corporate culture is often described as the unique personality of the company. So what makes bta Sales unique?

The first stage of creating our culture is having our employees aligned to our vision, mission and values. This is identified during the selection process and is a vital ingredient for a successful career with us.

Our business goals are shared by the entire company, whether you are the Managing Director or just started out. We celebrate successes and milestones as a team. At bta Sales, our aim is to make everyone feel part of the family and believe our new office provides the right environment.

We take pride in being a professional company where our employees own our culture and are highly motivated for both individual and group success.

Career Path and Benefits

  • Are you seeking an opportunity to take the next step in your career?
  • Are you seeking an employer that values your career?
  • Do you want to be learning whilst earning six figures?

When you join us at bta Sales, our goal is to provide you with the appropriate opportunities and challenges at each stage of your career with us. Your professional development options are designed to help you realise your full potential and prepare you for your next level of challenge in your career.

Significant Career Development Opportunities

We are committed to ensuring the reputation of our employees in the marketplace as Stand Out professionals through the provision of superior training and career development opportunities. We recognise how important continual growth is to employees and seek to ensure your career with bta Sales remains fulfilling.

Our size, breadth, and geographical coverage mean that there are many opportunities for employees. You may choose from a wide range of challenges in a broad array of industries and functions, this could be from our International (sister) offices as well.

Career Diversification

Career progression may involve lateral moves across the different brands as well as vertical movement. You may expand and diversify your work or expertise in your current position, seek project work, shift to a new brand in a similar or a different role, or strive to enter the leadership stream.

bta Sales offers you the vast resources to be expected from a company with such a successful history, coupled with the specialisation and team-based focus that comes from working within a dedicated specialist brand.

The bta Sales Promise

We strive to actively develop your career by:

  • Assisting you to build a personal development plan for your success
  • Ensuring you have a clear understanding of your role and the nature of the expectations of your key stakeholders
  • Providing feedback and recognition through regular performance and development discussions
  • Providing reward, recognition and incentive programmes designed to celebrate success
  • Coaching you in the behaviours that lead to success within our environment

bta Sales Future Leaders Program

Our bta Future Leaders training program includes:

  • bta induction program
  • Developing recruitment skills
  • Developing client relationships
  • Managing with insight
  • Priority management
  • Management development programmes
  • Leadership development programmes

Career Coaching

The bta Sales career coaching service can assist you to:

  • Understand and harness your skills, temperament and abilities
  • Identify and reach your long-term career objectives by providing targeted career counselling/coaching
  • Proactively manage your career within the entire bta Sales group
  • Explore growth and advancement opportunities
  • Identify the new skills and perspectives you are likely to need to progress and be successful within bta Sales
  • Clarify your career goals
  • Increase success in your current role
  • Access sufficient training to perform at your best

bta Sales is committed to creating a workplace which attracts, retains and rewards highly skilled and talented people.

bta Sales staff are passionate, innovative, smart and driven to continue to build the company’s growth.

Some of our employee benefits are outlined below.

Financial benefits

Total Employment Remuneration (TER)

bta Sales' remuneration practices aim to be externally competitive, and internally equitable, taking into account the relative performance and demonstration of company values and behaviours.

Salary packaging options are available for motor vehicles, laptops through our salary packaging partner.


bta Sales offers employees your choice of superannuation fund, and supports employee sacrifice of salary to ‘top up’ personal contributions above the Superannuation Guarantee Levy.

Profit Share Bonus

bta Sales offers a bonus structure to ensure that our staff are the highest rewarded in the marketplace. We are the first to run this new program that enables everyone to share in the success or running a profitable business.

Healthy lifestyle benefits

Flexible Work Practices

bta Sales has a flexible work practices policy to allow for success with the business despite different people's needs

Educational benefits

Employee Development

bta Sales is highly committed to the ongoing development of our people. We provide our employees with high-quality opportunities to address individual career aspirations and development needs.